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It is a company of organic cultivation of aromatic, medicinal (PAMs) and culinary plants. We dried and hand-processed our herbs and commercialized them in a sustainable way following the guidelines of the distribution of Km 0 and the Proximity Trade. This project is based in the heart of the Alt Empordà region, in the province of Girona.

The aromatics of "EL DRAC VERD"

It is born mixed between ecology, biodynamics and alternative agricultural production and has a professional and qualified team. It is a company with a young spirit with the old values of union with the earth.

We take care of our products from their birth until the optimum moment of their collection so that the final consumer enjoys a result of great quality and satisfaction.

Our first objective is the ecological production and commercialization of PAM's respecting the biodiversity of the area; preserving a maximum, more than necessary, environmental balance and working for the maintenance of the rural social fabric. Organic farming aims to reduce the amount of waste produced and has a strong commitment to respect the environment and living beings.

Production will be carried out within the framework of good agricultural practices (as defined by FAO) appropriate to local conditions. These practices are not mandatory but follow principles that promote quality, environmental sustainability, economic and social fundamental for us.

The second objective is the commercialization of final products following the values ​​of proximity marketing and Km 0 and the production of healthy and high quality products.

Goals of "EL DRAC VERD"

It seeks to develop high corporate social responsibility by collaborating with social institutions and foundations in different phases of its production.

The third objective is the recovery of native peach varieties from the area that have not been cultivated for a long time.

And finally, as a fourth objective, and no less important, the production of honey and honey products with the intention of strengthening and recovering this currently endangered activity is considered.

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